PTC Scam Per 15 September 2008

Ini nih update PTC scam terbaru per 15 september 2008. Ada PTC yang dulu dianggep scam trs skrg tobat. Ada juga yang dulu bukan scam terus skrg dianggap jd scam…ini aq dapetin dari, ini PG tulis aja original postingnya..

PTC Scam Per 15 September 2008

Latest Updates and Reviews – September 2008

These are not necessarily scams, but information that may be useul.

I try to add new updates everyday and the lens is growing. I would recommend that you use Ctrl-f to search for information, but it only works for FireFox and not for Internet Explorer.Please let me know in my guestbook whether you agree, disagree or have any other information that you would want to add. Thanks to all who contributed.

Sept 15:

GaborBux : I received my 1st payment that I requested on Sept 7. Looks like they have solved their problem. GaborBux

Sept 14:

CroClix : Down due to DDoS attack. Asking for donations to pay for DDoS protection (Thanks Hernan for the info)

UronlineBux : They may at any time require a member to upload photo ID and a recent utility bill to prove identity and address in order to be paid. Be careful about sending such info to a PTC site. Why do they need my photo? (Thanks Sebaro for the info)

AdverCash : New owner of AdverCash says he will take over & start paying. We will have to wait & see. AdverCash

AdverCash : A lot of pending requests were denied by the previous owner because the members did not click in the last 5 days. This is unfair because the site was mostly down due DDoS attack. The new owner says he will pay those who fill up a form which include details like “On which date did you stop clicking?” and “When was your payment denied?” (I guess I won’t get paid since I do not know the dates) AdverCash

NeroBux : Payout raised from $2.99 to $4.99. (Thanks Hernan for the info)

247Bux : is down due to change of server. : No longer pays through AlertPay. They only pay via bank transfer. I am not sure if it would be safe to release bank account details to a PTC site. (Thanks abbykulyde for the info)

GaborBux : Admin made some mistakes with payments; not sure when he will start paying again. Gaborbux

MadnessBux : is for sale. Same owner as BuxDol. Madnessbux : Same owner as & which were around for a few months and disappeared without paying anyone. (Thanks Sabbie for the info) MiFriend

MainBux : Revised Payout – Standard members: 30 days + 100 clicks. Premium members: 15 days.

Sept 13:

Famous-Clickers : I received my 8th payment within 24 hrs after request. Famous-Clickers

EarnEasyCash : Payout via paypal: either 35 cents with 20% fees or $1.00 with no fees. EarnEasyCash

World-Clix : is down due to DDoS attack. The other sites in CWC network seems unstable. World-Clix (Thanks Alen & Labels for the info)

BurnBux : seems to be gone. Need donations to stay alive. (Thanks guidosuller for the info)

StableBlux : needs investors in order to pay its members. (Thanks sciga for the info) : supposedly paying 2 cents per click and 2 cents per referral’s click. Not possible for a site to pay that amount. Better stay away.

Buxout : has changed their click rate – Premium Members : 0.0125$/click; 0.0125$/ referral click, Standard Members : 0.01$/click, 0.005$/ referral click, VIP Members : 0.01$/click; 0.006$/ referral click.

Cash4Grabs : Payouts raised to $5.

BuddyPond : Temporarily not taking in any new members – database clean up.

Seven-bux : is down. Problems with hosting account. (Thanks Angie for the info). It is now up again.

Sept 12 :

Clixsense Received my 8th payment. They pay every month. Clixsense

Clicl2Bux : I received my 1st payment. (requested Sept 10). Click2Bux

AngelBux : Members’ accounts reset to 0. You will need to post your problem at their forum to get back your money.

Seabux : Same owner as LifeBux which has disappeared & they are selling virtual referrals. SeaBux

Click2Bux : Has disabled access from the following countries – China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea. (Thanks Paula for the info) : is up but still have some problems.

Sept 11:

ClickersCompany : I received my 3rd payment (requested Sept 7). ClickersCompany

TheClickers : I received my 22nd payment less than 24 hrs after request.

Seven-bux : I received my 30th payment less than 24 hrs after request. SevenBux : is down. (Thanks Eliran for the info)

LongLiveBux : You need to register using IE. This might make it difficult to advertise for referrals. Instant payments are only for upgraded members. : part of the paidclicks network that has been down for some time. (Thanks Insider for the info)

Earn3, Extra10 : now has a queue system to be paid. But the queue is moving slowly & you may need to wait a long time. (Thanks Sebaro for the info)

Buxout : Complaints in their forum about payment for referrals’ clicks. I think that some of it may be caused by the formula whereby what you earn from your referrals today depends in your clicks yesterday. This makes it difficult to determine whether the calculated earnings is correct. (Thanks Sebaro for the info)

Thinkbux, Earn3 : are back online. (Thanks Muaz Hadi for the info)

Ten-ads : is down due to DDoS attack.

Premium-bux : I am suspicious of this site. The payment proof shows the same 2 persons receiving payments.

Sept 10:

Seven-bux : I received my 29th payment less than 24 hrs after request. SevenBux

Famous-Clickers : I received my 7th payment within 24 hrs after request. Famous-Clickers

Earn10bux : A new site to replace GPTBux & RapidCash. If you have made a purchase from them, contact them with your payment and account details and they will retrieve your account status. Earn10Bux : Do not accept members from Asia.

NeoBux : Now pays via Paypal again.

Ara-bux : is down.

Sept 9:

Famous-Clickers : I received my 5th & 6th payment (requested Sept 4 & 9). Famous-Clickers

Bomblogic : I received my 2nd payment (requested Sept 7). BombLogic : is down. (Thanks kxx for the info)

BuxP : is sometimes up & sometimes down due to DDoS attack. (Thanks BuxP admin for the info)

RedLightDistrict : account suspended by host.

VipBux Complaints of non-payment. VipBux

NetCashBux : Problems arise if you login with a different IP. NetCashBux

OlympicBux : Owner may be new to PTC because he does not realize that Adsense does not allow Google ads on PTC sites. : Complaints of non-payment.

BuxUp : raised payout to $8.

BuxOn : Back online, but accounts are reset to 0. BuxOn : Supposedly paying 10 cents per click & payout at $199. Better stay away.

Sept 8:

NeoBux : I received my 10th payment instantly. NeoBux

EarnEasyCash : I received my 5th payment – less than 24 hrs after request. EarnEasyCash

BuxP : I received my 5th payment – requested August 14. BuxP

ClickSensation, ClickPropaganda : are up again with a new owner. I have a pending payment with ClickPropaganda; let’s see if the new owner will pay. : is up again, but has lots of errors. GoldClick

Sept 7:

Seven-bux : I received my 28th payment less than 24 hrs after request. SevenBux

BloomingCash : New owner has reduced the value of clicks. There is a 23.5% cashout fee & you must complete a minimum of 2 offers per month. BloomingCash

ThinkBux : Down due to DDoS attack. ThinkBux (Thanks easybux for the info)

IsabelMarco : You would need to install their toolbar to click. Be careful what you install into your computer. (Thanks Sebaro for the info)

XClix : seems to be gone. XClix (Thanks Sebaro for the info)

AdverCash : is for sale. Owner can’t afford DDoS protection. AdverCash

Sept 6:

TheClickers : I received my 21st payment less than 24 hrs after request.

IsabelMarco : Change in paying times – Free members within 50 days or less, Premium members between 30 – 50 days depending on the amount requested.

Adbux : seems to allow payout now. If you have any money there try to cash out. AdBux : Lots of complaints in their forum about orders that are not received. Don’t buy anything from them. (Thanks rhyx for the info)

Croclix, CroPTC, 07Bux: are up again. (Thanks kolega, hernan & dragodsk for the info)

Bux-zone : Old site suspended by host. New site at (Thanks buble for the info)

AngelBux : Ticket support & forum do not work. Lots of people not paid. (Thanks hernan for the info)

Ten-ads : In the TOS – 15) Every invest you made here in is on your own risk and we haven´t any moneyback guarantee etc. Make sure, that you really want to invest here. If we won´t have money for payments to our members, our site will be closed and we don´t pay your money back to you. Once again: everything is on your own risk.

MadnessBux : is down or gone.

UronlineBux : If you get redirected to Google; it could be caused by their DDoS protection software blocking your IP temporarily. They have also stopped new registrations from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, but existing members from those countries can continue.

Sept 5:

Cash4Grabs : I received my 2nd payment – requested August 28. Cash4Grabs

Extra10 : I received my 2nd payment (requested Jun 19) Extra10

Link2Communion : $100 per click & payout of $50000. It is not possible for anyone to pay $100 per click. : Not really $1 per click – Earn 1 share for every ad you click. Shares are converted at the beginning of every month based on the sites income.

Buxout : Interesting observation – it has same ads and affiliate links as earn3 and extra10. (Thanks Sebaro for the info)

AngelBux : Reset member’s account & forum is offline. (Thanks hernan for the info)

Buat yang masih punya tambahan info utk PTC scam update terbaru..silahkan nambahin di komentar y
thanks banget :)

4 thoughts on “PTC Scam Per 15 September 2008

  1. minta daftar ptc yang reliable dong…
    pentint juga tuh biar tau mana yang harus diseriusin.
    gw jadi referalnya deh kalo bisa kirim ke email gw (
    asal udah terbukti ptc nya bisa bayar…

  2. wah… bener2 info yang berguna bagi yang mau ndulang dollar via PTC, mkasih infonya, bisa lebih ati2 nih…
    Pesen saya jangan keasyikan ngeblog, trus kuliahmu keteteran. Ntar ortumu bisa pusing tujuh keliling.
    Aku dulu di ITATS surabaya. kerja di RSAL Surabaya

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