Free Up your Disk Space by Duplicate File Hunter 3.0

If you are a computer user who has a lot of file at your computer and your free disk space is in a limit, this software is your solution. Every computer user ussualy has a duplicate file. Maybe you dont know..but you regularly come across copies of file, right? There are a lot of reasons why duplicate files appears, but no matter what these reasons..there are no any advantages to storing them.

Duplicate File Hunter 3.0 help you to find all duplicates file in a couple of minutes. Just start the program and press the enter key to find all duplicates file automatically in minutes. You will see the result in the form of table. All duplicates are are divided into groups with different colors for better perception. Just select the duplicates file you dont need and press DEL key to delete it or double click it to open the file. It’s simple right??

Duplicates File Hunter

Duplicates File Hunter

Duplicates File Hunter 3.0 will ignore system windows and program files folders during search progress. So it is very safe for your computer system. With delete the duplicates files you will save your free disk space and it will be make your computer always running at the optimum condition

Duplicates File Hunter 3.0 was created by styopkin and you can download it here

Happy download :)

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